Kirk Wilkinson

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Recently I met with a client; I will call her Joan, who came to me to help overcome a lack of self-confidence. She went on to explain that in a recent performance evaluation her manager pointed out that her lack of confidence had become a barrier to job improvement. Joan was concerned about her job […]

Emotional Generosity

In my book The Happiness Factor: How to Be Happy No Matter What!, I dedicated an entire chapter to the topic of emotional generosity. “Emotional generosity is the quality of being kind and welcoming and understanding of persons around you…in all of their limitations, imperfections and flaws. Emotional generosity means that you give other human […]

The Power of Silence

In this busy, noisy world, is there a place for silence? Silence is powerful. It can be quite useful especially during tough situations such as arguments, interviews or negotiations. You can take control if you know how to be comfortable with quiet. What Silence Does? It’s a source of energy, helping you think and act […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think About Yourself

Your thoughts are powerful as they are the precursor to your emotions, your moods and your self-identity. Most of us have the tendency to either think that we are better than we actually are or that we are much worse than we actually are. Thus, something I counsel with most of my clients is to […]

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is not a wimp – it strikes back. Self-doubt can strike even when things are going well thinking that everything will crumble at any time causing you to doubt your good fortune. It can also strike when you are feeling a bit out of your comfort zone or in the middle of a new […]

What do you ‘Buy Into?’

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Currency is vital to any society. From the earliest communities there has always been some form of currency whether in the form of money or bartering. As you know, currency is use to purchase goods and services. I have been fortunate to travel around the world and visit many different countries, many with their own […]

The Curse of Instant Gratification

We live in an ‘instant-on’ and ‘always connected’ world where information and entertainment is available at the touch of a finger. You can watch TV or a movie anywhere; take a library of books with you on your phone or tablet and take a call regardless of where you are in the world. This also […]

Falling Out of Love – 7 Things to Love Again

If we can ‘fall in love’ it only makes sense that we could ‘fall out of love.’ Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, euphoric and exhilarating. But falling in love also impairs our judgment – which is probably a good thing since we would likely not get married to someone if we knew all […]

6 Ways to Overcome Problem Obsession Disorder P.O.D.

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I often have a client who comes to me for help to solve a major problem. This problem, this issue, this obstacle has become their life. They have become so fixated on this one problem that nothing else matters. They are so consumed with it that even the simple pleasures in life are foregone in […]

Accentuate the Positive – Eliminate the Negative

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Many of the people I speak to believe that an experience or a situation is not positive unless all aspects of the experience are positive. Although we had other things to discuss, Veronica insisted that we talk about her recent visit with her daughter, Sarah, who was about to turn 30. Veronica and her daughter […]