Kirk Wilkinson

Let It Go! Letting Go of What you Can’t Control




Let It Go! Learn How to Let Go of What you Can’t Control

Are you stressed out? Do you have anxiety and drama regarding your circumstances or people in your life? Too often we stress out and worry about things we cannot control. In this dynamic audio program Kirk Wilkinson will help you let go of what you can’t control with a powerful three-step formula for any situation.

1. Ask: Learn the 10 questions to ask yourself to determine how much control or influence you have.

2. Assess: Learn to assess whether you should take an active or passive role in the situation.

3. Act! When it is appropriate to take action, to get involved, to take an active role learn the best way to engage without being ‘controlling.’

Letting go has been hard for me. The 3 step formula makes so much sense and has helped so much!” – Teri W.

“Kirk helped me learn that letting go is not just all or nothing. This is something I can definitely use right now!” – Marta S.

“Simply liberating and something I can do!” – John T.