Be a Better Leader NOW!: Dramatically increase your leadership effectiveness

In his latest book – Be a Better Leader NOW! and drawing upon more than 30 years leadership experience and thousands of hours of one-on-one interviews with CEOs and Small Business Owners, Kirk gives you 10 powerful real-world skills that differentiate great leaders from good leaders and will dramatically improve your leadership effectiveness.

There are more books and courses on leadership than ever before. With so much information available why aren’t there more great leaders than there 20 years ago? Leadership is not a title, and much more than being charismatic, a good communicator, creative, bold and risk taking.

Those things are important and necessary but not what makes a great leader. Kirk will share 13 powerful principles that make all the difference. These are skills that can be implemented immediately to have an significant impact. Learn how to be Great by Design – learn what good leaders don’t do and what great leaders master to be exceptional leaders:

1. The Trust Advantage???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2. The Optimist’s Advantage

3. Its all about the WHO

4. The Art of Appreciation

5. Context, Context, Context

6. The Art of Disclaimers

7. Authentic Curiosity

8. Confident Humility

9. Discipline and Deferred Gratification

10. The Art of Macro-Management


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