The Optimist’s Advantage!

Optimism is a powerful competitive differentiator! Optimism works as a multiplier, for every minute invested in creating The Optimist’s Advantage, your potential to create profit is multiplied. This is particularly true with customer-facing employees. Studies have shown that sales representatives that learn The Optimist’s Advantage close more deals and have higher profit margins. Companies that rate higher on the optimist scale do better in the stock market and employee engagement scores are higher.

The Optimist’s Advantage is a fast paced, interactive and energetic training session that will keep attendees engaged and energized. They will be inspired, uplifted, motivated to implement what they have learned make a difference, have greater impact, be more innovative and overcome obstacles. This is not just another fluffy presentation  but is filled with real world practical skills that really work.

Why optimism? Studies show that optimists are better at business than their negative peers. Optimists are better negotiators; close more deals, are more creative, work harder, handle change better, are more productive, network better.  Optimists make better team members, are more open to new ideas and can relate better across any organization. Optimists are also better at handling stress. They take significantly fewer sick days and are healthier.  By learning the Optimism Advantage, your sales force will learn real skills that can help them in every aspect of their life and become better at whatever they do. Small businesses lead by optimists outperform those lead by negative leaders.

The Optimist’s Advantage is customized to fit your needs, objectives and the needs of the audience that  includes audience interaction, even with a large audience, with stories and humor that has received rave reviews.


  • Learn why optimism is a valuable currency in today’s economic climate
  • Learn to break down the personal barriers to business growth
  • Learn to build stronger connections and network for real business growth
  • Learn why your emotional investments in partners and customers are more important than your financial investments
“Kirk is masterful is a fantastic speaker and gave us tools that have made a significant difference. I attribute our quota-busting performance in this last quarter to the skills that Kirk shared with us.” 

Daniel Brooks

Area Sales Manager, Sanofi-Aventis

“Kirk Wilkinson presented an outstanding program. One of the things that I judge whether the presentation was good is how memorable it was. Kirk was remarkably memorable. He had an excellent outline, great personal stories as examples, and everyone loved it. He was authentic and believable – very enjoyable.” 

Kitty Wiemelt

Former President of the National Speakers Association – Arizona Chapter

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