On-Line Coaching Program Preview

The Happiness Factor On-Line Coaching Program is the next best thing to one-on-one coaching with Kirk Wilkinson. In this program he shares the wisdom and skills he has used over his more than 25 years as a Master Life Coach.

The program is designed to help you learn how to build your self-worth, cultivate optimism, how to be happier as well as powerful subjects as overcoming negative thinking habits and authentic forgiving. There are 47 short videos (7 to 12 minutes long) that are conversational and to the point.

Preview three of the 47 videos right here!

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Introduction – this way you get a feel for how the video course is kicked off.

Learning to live drama free! This is a shorter video on the subject of Under-react so you can get a feel for how the videos progress to this point.

Dream Big – Think Small! This is a good example of one of the longer videos coming in just under 12 minutes.


In this video you will learn that life doesn’t always deliver the ‘golden ticket’ we long for or feel we deserve and that our reaction to not getting that ‘golden ticket’ makes all the difference in our own personal level of happiness.


Cultivating Optimism: Learn to Live Drama Free!

In this video Kirk will share the secret to living drama free! You will learn how a common No. 2 pencil can keep you from freaking-out and help you be at your best even when there is drama in your life. By learning to under-react you can handle life’s drama with ease, reduce your negative emotions and be happier.

Enjoy the video!

Cultivating Optimism: Dream Big – Think Small!

All too often our dreams go unfulfilled and we settle for less. Settling for less is a disservice to you and to your dreams. When we settle for less we open ourselves up to resentment that leads to anger that destroys hour happiness. It is not your dreams that’s the problem but more likely how you approach your dreams. I want you to dream big! Really big! But think small by asking yourself small questions, thinking small thoughts, taking small actions and solving small problems.

In this video Kirk will walk you through how to dream big and how to accomplish your dreams by thinking small!.

Enjoy the video!

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