Discover your WhY!


Your WhY is a powerful force that explains why you do the things you do, what motivates you, what drives you, what causes you to like one activity over another, why you like one job over another, why you feel awkward in some situations and confident in others. Your WhY defines your comfort zones and can help explain why you may get along better with certain people and less so with others. Your WhY is more fundamental and foundational to who you are and is the driving force behind your true passions and sincere desires.

 Our WhY demands to be satisfied. When we feel out-of-sorts, awkward, or feeling as if we are not making progress, chances are it is because our WhY is not being satisfied. While we may have some awareness of our WhY, we may not be able to articulate it in an actionable way.


By finding their WhY individuals will understand themselves and their motivations better. They will be better prepared to deal with difficult people and situations better. They will discover foundational elements about themselves that will help them in every aspect of their life and assist in making big decisions such as retirement, job change, pursuing their passions and so forth.


In a team environment each person’s WhY contributes to the overall energy and morale of the team. By discovering each other’s WhY each person on the team will understand their co-workers and colleagues better. For customer facing teams the ability to decipher the WhY of a client provides a valuable tool to uncover unmet needs that can be satisfied with products or services.

HR – Candidate fit assessment / Outplacement

From and HR perspective, assessing a candidate’s WhY is a better predictor of fit for a job than behavioral interviewing because it helps assess WHO the candidate is not just what they would DO in a certain situation. By assessing a candidate’s WhY you will understand what motivates the candidate, what aspects of a position will be most challenging and what in what aspects the candidate will excel in. You will be able to understand WHO the candidate is beyond their experience and beyond their interviewing demeanor.

Find your WhY!

An individual’s WhY is revealed in the way they communicate – in every story a person shares they share something about themselves, what is important to them, what they value and what drives them. It is not so much what is said but how it is said. For example, who is in the story, how they felt, what words and the sequence of words they use to share facts, feelings, and emotions.  

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