Authentic Forgiving – Helping people get along

The primary reason people will leave a job is because they don’t get along with someone. When people don’t get along in the workplace it creates resentment that can then lead to lower productivity and even theft.

As Kirk meets new coaching clients, especially couples, forgiving is one of the key issues that needs to be addressed for true healing to take place. 

We have all been offended, hurt or betrayed. Withholding forgiveness contaminates our peace and potential for happiness and true success. This course will provide a six-step process to help the attendees rid themselves of negative emotions associated with hurt and betrayal and provide a blueprint for true – authentic forgiving – and healing.

The six steps are:

  1. Awareness – becoming aware that you are withholding forgiveness
  2. Desire – to feel less pain, to be rid of the pain it is causing
  3. Acknowledge and Accept – Learning to accept another as they are without the requirement that they say they are sorry
  4. Perception – the act of truly seeing another person differently
  5. Forgiving – the act of forgiving
  6. Healing – complete healing

Too many people wait for someone to say they are sorry before forgiving them or they feel they have forgiving someone when in deed they have not. These steps have been tested and tried by hundreds of clients with amazing results.

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