Life Coaching and Couples Coaching

Do you feel sad? Are you experiencing a tough time and wish that things could be better? Perhaps you are looking for greater meaning, significance and purpose? Are you feeling that life is passing you by and that you lack motivation and inspiration? Maybe your relationship with a spouse or loved one is spinning out of control?

Have you tried counseling and therapy and didn’t experience the benefit or improvement you expected?

Kirk has an incredible 98% success rate of helping couples stay together. If your marriage is suffering Kirk can help you reconnect, build more safety and trust, learn to communicate better and have more emotional intimacy. You can literally fall in love all over again!

No matter what you are experiencing Kirk has had amazing success helping people get back on track, get out of a rut, overcome depression, and find their true purpose. Whether you need help with a specific issue or need support to accomplish a goal Kirk can help you with a customized and personalized coaching program.


Most coaching is done over the phone in 50 minute sessions either weekly or bi-weekly. Kirk’s coaching program and style differs from other programs and counseling in the following ways:

  • Less dwelling on the past and more emphasis on creating a positive future.
  • More directive and proactive.
  • Accelerated progress. Change, success, motivation, and insight happens quickly without prolonged sessions.
  • Focus on what matters.

In just a few short sessions you will feel more capable, more successful, more motivated, happier and more fulfilled.

The bottom line is that there’s nothing in your life that can’t be improved dramatically by Kirk’s coaching style and approach.

Kirk’s coaching is affordable and effective. For more information or to inquire about Kirk’s fees and approach sign up for a complimentary session below.

Start now to fast-track your way to success and happiness!

“I felt more motivated after just one session than I had felt in years. Kirk is a keen listener and is gifted with amazing insight.”

K. Standish

“It has been more than 6 years since I have felt so confident and capable. In a short amount of time Kirk has been able to help me overcome self-doubt, create a new self-image and uncover strengths and capabilities I didn’t even know I had. Kirk is an amazing coach and I highly recommend him to anyone.”

S. Murray

“Kirk literally saved our marriage! We had tried several counselors and retreats with no success. Kirk approached our marriage with confidence and from the very first session gave us hope that we could make it work. His assignments and insight helped us overcome selfishness, control issues and get love and romance back into our relationship. Thank you Kirk!”

J. Williams

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