Personal and Organizational Happiness

Happiness is a skill! It can be taught and it can be learned!

All too often people believe that when everything happens just right they will be happy. However, only about 10% of your happiness comes from your circumstances. The Happiness Factor is all about helping you reach your full potential and be happy and satisfied no matter your circumstances or situation.

You may be waiting to be successful in order to be happy. Success does not make you happy. Happiness makes you successful.

Here at The Happiness Factor you will have all the resources and help you need to be happy. Whether as an individual or an organization you can reap the benefits of true and lasting happiness.

Happy people are healthier, live longer and make more money.

Happy employees are more productive, more innovative, take fewer sick days.

Companies with happy employees make higher profits!

Are you concerned about the upcoming split of HP into HP Enterprise and HP Inc? We can help you navigate the upcoming separation and assess the impact.

The Happiness Factor Approach


The Happiness Factor is an inside-out approach. Helping you learn real-world practical skills that you can implement immediately. So often we believe that success and happiness are beyond our reach. They are only beyond your reach if you don’t try or don’t learn how to become happy.

With more than 6000 hours of individual and executive coaching Kirk is skilled in zeroing in on the issues that matter most  and provides counsel and skills on how become happier and more effective.


Kirk Wilkinson has worked with companies large and small and all with the same exceptional results. References are available upon request.

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

Fidelity National Title

Edward Jones

Dignity Health

National Charity League

Apache Trails High School

Prinova Inc.




Hewlett Packard

Coca Cola

Bank of America



Young Presidents of America

Int’l Association of Administrative Professionals

Option 1 Nutrition

Pavestone Inc.

Association of Healthcare Volunteers

Destination Hotels

Desert Mountain Club

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